Plantation Estates Condominium

42 Spacious residential lots surrounded by fruit trees of mango, lemon, and orange, make the Plantation Estates Condominium a warm place to make it your home.

Residential Johanna Cristina

11 lots of residential flat and ready to build.

The sizes of the lots vary between 160 meters to 360 meters. There are different financing options.

Quinta Plantation Estates

Triple lot with house with spectacular views. 1.5 hectares.

About us

Plantation Estates Condominium is developed by Stalhe S.A., a company that has been serving Costa Ricans for more than four decades.

In 2001, we developed Quintas Plantation Estates, the first phase of this project.

Its second phase is called Plantation Estates Condominium in honor of the coffee plantations in its surroundings. This is one more example of the commitment of Stalhe S.A. to always work with nature and make Condominiums Plantation Estates the most harmonious condominium with the Costa Rican environment.

Therefore, we are proud to present you our new development: Residential Johanna Cristina, where you can live in peace and with all the facilities very close to you.


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